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I'm retiring from breeding effective today, February 13, 2015, I want to thank all my customers for adopting one of my beautiful babies that have been born in the last 17 years. If you ever need me for some reason please contact me at dawnthomson@powerc.net

 Amiri Exotics Savannah Cats is located on 23 acres in southeastern Arizona, where I first started breeding Bengals in 1998 and Savannahs since 2002.  In 2003, I decided not to breed Bengals any longer and concentrate only on the Savannah breed.

My goal is to produce the best Savannahs possible, and to present them to everyone for their very own enjoyment.  So welcome to my site, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

I am here 24/7 to play and interact with all my kittens, and to help get them ready for the "real world".  I spend a great deal of time with all my babies, which guarantees excellent socialization of all my kittens.   My kittens are raised with my Lucy and Fancy to interact with so they get used to dogs both big and small. 

No refunds for "Spoiled Rotten" kitties.   Most of my F2's and some of my F3's are bottle raised from birth.

This year 2012 I've decided to cut my breeding program down drastically, so I will only be having about 2 litters of kittens a year.  Old age is creeping up on me. LOL

Savannahs are a cross breed resulting from breeding a spotted domestic short hair cat and a African Serval.  What is a African Serval? A African Serval is a small cat (about 25 lbs. for females and to up to 40 lbs. for males).  It's a tall, long legged cat that dwells either in the jungle or on the plains of Africa.  The Savannah is a gorgeous and graceful large cat with an incredible wild look. Read more about the African Serval on the
Serval page.

Savannahs are very intelligent animals that tend to be dog-like in their personality. They are leash trainable, like to go for car rides, play fetch, and like water. Some will even jump in the bathtub with you! The Savannah gets along well with other pets although they seem to quickly take on the roll of the Alpha cat, it is without much trouble. Because they have so much energy they usually tend to tire other pets out and then go looking for a new playmate. Don't get me wrong they will sleep a lot to, but when it comes time to playing they will tire you out before they tire out. LOL

Some of my pet owners have reported that their Savannah waits at the door for them to get home, and some have even figured out how to open doors! They can even be toilet trained if you have the time. Once home Savannahs like to be with their owners for the rest of the night, usually following them from room to room as they go about their business.

I will be breeding F2 to F3 generations of the Savannahs, here at Amiri Exotics.  Savannah are happy, intelligent and trainable creatures, enjoying many activities considered "canine". 

All my Savannah kittens will be registered with "The International Cat Association" .

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